What we offer

Burgas Maritime Ltd. acts as ship agent for all vessels calling at the ports of Burgas and Varna. The company furthermore ensures agency Burgas Maritime Ltd., offering a comprehensive, complete and interesting agency package. Burgas Maritime Ltd operates a round-the-clock service that meets the highest international standards. A dedicated team represents clients, ship owners, vessels, masters and crew, taking care of any requirement they may have. The same team works closely with local port authorities, stevedores, shippers, charterers and all concerned parties to ensure a smooth operation throughout. The agency's comprehensive service offer is based on a clear understanding of the needs of all clients, whether they are ship owners or charterers.

We in Burgas Maritime Ltd. are at your service for any agency requirement you may have.

Ship's Agecy Services

Whatever the cargo,
whatever the fleet,
whatever the service,
we make it happen...

When shipping companies across the globe place their trust in your hands they surely entrust you with their brands only after gauging your capability and performance. Representing them around the region successfully for decades and more, empowers us with immense skill and experience.

Over the years Burgas Maritime Agency has grown to meet the needs of some of the world's largest companies. Container vessels, to tankers, car carriers, dry bulk carriers to cruise vessels and trampers, we understand the business we are in explicitly.

With a proven track record in the shipping arena Burgas Maritime Agency today is a trusted partner to many ship owners, charterers and operators in the region. With a value added chain of strong relationships with concerned authorities, be it ports or customs, documentations and on-line accessibility, the manner of our operations will assure you of our commitment to your business.

At Burgas Maritime Agency, making it happen for you is of supreme importance.

Ship Supply

Round the clock,
complete range of
first class ship supply services.

We offer complete range of first class ship supply services round the clock across the Black sea ports and across all our owned offices. We operate a fleet of launches with adequate deck space & passengers capacity to support offshore operations. We also provide ware housing facilities, in house clearance & forwarding, and transportations/logistical support to ensure supply services are delivered in time and at any given time.

Crew Changes, Visa Processing, E-Tickets, Hotel and Transport, Medical Support, CTM, Spares Delivery, Bunker Coordination, Supplies Coordination and Arrangement, Survey Arrangements, Launch Services, Certificates Renewal, Arrangement of Slops, Sludge & Garbage Disposal, Servicing of On Board Equipment, Minor Repairs Arrangements, Hull, Hold And Propeller Cleaning etc, are just some of the services offered on a regular basis. You can be rest assured whatever the delivery, we will make it happen.

Chartering & Broking

Whatever the cargo,
whatever the fleet,
whatever the service,
we make it happen...

We at Burgas Maritime Agency understand that to service international clientele, commercial knowledge and strength is crucial. We understand that Chartering and Broking are vital elements in the ship's agency business.

Over the years we have developed a complete line of efficient and reliable partners that include exclusive and non-exclusive brokers.

With our combined expertise, we complement the inherent strength of the business we are in. Be it marketing reports for the region, post fixture handling or a voyage analysis... all of it is handled with extreme efficiency, ensuring all time deadlines are kept intact.

Being an institution of repute has also allowed us to maintain and build relationships with trading houses for effective long term contract handling. Adeptly handling charterers and owners for settlement of disbursements and account statements, is a quality you are assured of, when you deal with Burgas Maritime Agency.

Our wide network of offices and global associates helps facilitate quick dispatch of vessels at Ports around the globe.

Freight Forwarding

Committed to
deliver, on time,
time and time again...

Trudge the barren deserts, sail the bright blue seas, soar the open skies, drive into the motorway at midnight, or hit the rail road... we will deliver wherever you need it to go.

Tones of metal to intricate crystal, you can rely on our expertise to deliver with care. Appropriate transport and packing, researching and route planning that optimizes cost, transit time and security, requires an experienced and reliable Freight Forwarding Company. Burgas Maritime Agency is just that.

With a well integrated network of trusted partners located around the world you can surely depend on us. Be it documentation or insurance, all legalities are performed to perfection.

Air Freight or Sea Freight or a simple door to door delivery, our innovative solutions and effective use of today's technology, keeps all time deadlines intact. From fashion houses to health care, industrial equipment to consumer goods, Burgas Maritime Agency has a dependable infrastructure to meet your diverse needs.

We promise to deliver not just your cargo, but also peace of mind.


Getting the right product
to the right place in the,
right quantity at the right time,
is a challenge that we
love undertaking...

At Burgas Maritime Agency, the Logistics infrastructure embraces purchasing, supplier management, materials management, manufacturing, inventory management, warehousing, distribution, transport and customer service.

Today Logistics, is a key consideration in new product development with logistics professionals playing their part in multi-disciplinary teams to ensure products are designed with efficient supply-chain management in mind.

At Burgas Maritime Agency, Logistics covers a range of functions, each with its own challenges and skills, they are all interdependent and function like clock-work through the whole supply-chain to deliver results. We manage, coordinate and continuously improve the total supply-chain demands and have developed high-level managerial skills to play a key part in meeting a company's long term strategic objectives.

All areas of Logistics make use of information technology to process, tailor and deliver real-time information to when and where it is needed. The ability to use advanced IT packages and electronic communication methods is our key competency.

Project Cargo

Sea, Port,
Road, Air or Rail...
whatever it takes,
we deliver!

Be it steel pipes or rig legs, cranes or excavators, cables or heavy machinery, we have the expertise to deliver. From documentation to customs, by road, by sea or air you can rest assured that your Projects are handled with utmost care. Operating as a global player since 1995, handling many different industries has meant we have had to develop solutions dependent on the cargo to be moved.

The challenge of cargo that cannot be unitized requires special handling equipment and control at a microscopic level. Project planning, route selection, packaging, haulage, cranes, overseas handling, storage, and delivery are all of extreme importance.

We at Burgas Maritime Agency understand the pulse of Project handling. Over the years we have built a trusted channel network of reliable partners who are like-minded and believe in delivering nothing less than quality.

Harnessed with skilful telecommunications and superior information technology our sheer mastery of skill will ensure you complete peace of mind, whatever the cargo.